Above the city by Marc Chagall

Above the city by Marc Chagall

The works of the famous avant-garde artist Marc Chagall are difficult to confuse with the works of other authors, grotesqueness and symbolism singles them out in the paintings of the early 20th century. One of the strangest and most mysterious of his paintings is “Above the City”.

In this picture, the artist painted a couple – a man and a woman who, embracing, flying over a small provincial town. In the images of these two people, the viewer unmistakably guessed the artist and his bride – Bella. They met after a long separation, their love and happiness from the meeting raised them high above their native Vitebsk, so that they are delighted in enjoying freedom and each other.

As often happens in Chagall, the details of the objects in the picture he paid little attention. Buildings on the ground, wrapped in a haze of the morning, are written quite schematically, like the faces of the main characters. The author, as it were, emphasizes the unreality, the irrationality of what is happening, hints that it is a dream or a dream. And he depicts not specific objects or people, but their images and souls.

The city shown by the artist in the background is faceless and boring, only a man with his trousers down, sitting under a board fence, and a walking goat are knocked out of the ordinary. This city in the picture represents a monotonous earthly provincial life, it is contrasted with a pair flying in the foreground. Symbols can be traced in the images of a man and a woman: they have one hand, this shows that each of them is a complement to the other, they do not mean anything separately. Figures of people are shown much larger than the city and houses, so the author shows the greatness of spirituality.

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