Warrior with his squire by Giorgione

Warrior with his squire by Giorgione

The painting “The Warrior with his Squire” was written by the Italian artist Giorgione in the period 1508-1510. The size of the master’s painting is 90 x 73 cm, canvas, oil. Painting painter “The warrior with his squire” is more of a portrait work, in which the iridescently flickering features of medieval mosaic painting are invisibly present.

Portraits of Giorgione begin a remarkable line of development of the Venetian, in particular the Titian, portrait of the High Renaissance. The traits of the georgeon portrait will later be developed by Titian, who, unlike Giorgione, however,

possesses a much sharper and stronger sense of the individual uniqueness of the depicted human character, a more dynamic perception of the world.

In the transition from the medieval system to the Renaissance realistic painting, the Venetians, of course, almost completely abandoned the mosaic, the increased brilliant and decorative chromaticity of which could no longer fully meet the new artistic challenges. True, the increased light glow of the mosaic painting, albeit transformed, indirectly, but influenced the Renaissance painting of Venice, always gravitating toward sonorous clarity and radiant color richness.

But the mosaic technique itself was, with rare exceptions, a thing of the past. Further development of monumental painting was to go either in the forms of fresco, wall painting, or on the basis of the development of tempera and oil painting.

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