Antonio Broccardo by Giorgione

Portraits of Giorgione are a kind of synthesis of an ideal and living concrete person. One of the most characteristic is his remarkable portrait of Antonio Broccardo. In the picture,

Storm by Giorgione

“Storm” – one of the most famous paintings by the Venetian artist Giorgione. Currently stored in the Gallery of the Academy in Venice. Giorgione did not give this picture a

Sleeping Venus by Giorgione

The painting “Sleeping Venus” by the Venetian artist Giorgione. The size of the master’s work is 108 x 175 cm, canvas, oil. Giorgione’s creative work ends with two works –

Sunset by Giorgione

Landscape “Sunset” was created by the Italian artist Giorgione after 1506. The size of the picture is 73 x 91.5 cm, canvas, oil. Since 1505 the period of creative maturity

Holy Family by Giorgione

The painting “Holy Family” or “Madonna Benson” was written by Venetian artist Giorgione around 1500-1550. The Holy Family – in Christian representations the family in which Jesus Christ was born,

Madonna and Castelfranco by Giorgione

The altar work “The Madonna on the throne with Saint Francis and the Holy Liberal of Treviso” or “The Madonna and Castelfranco” was written by the Venetian painter Giorgione around

The old woman by Giorgione

Picture “Old Woman” or “Portrait of an Old Woman” by the Venetian artist Giorgione. The size of the portrait is 68 x 59 cm, canvas, oil. The picture was written

Three ages of life by Giorgione

The painting “Three ages of life” by Italian artist Giorgione. The size of the master’s work is 62 x 77 cm, wood, tempera. The exact date of creation of this,

Judith by Giorgione

The painting “Judith” was painted by the Venetian artist Giorgione, the approximate date of creation is 1504. The size of the picture is 144 x 67 cm, wood, oil, transferred

Ceres by Giorgione

The painting “Ceres” by Venetian artist Giorgione. Size of the master’s work 75 x 55 cm, wood, transferred to canvas, tempera. The picture was written at the end of the

The worship of the shepherds by Giorgione

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Venetian masters, Giorgione did not write large multi-figured compositions. In his works he was not a word, the essence expressed an internal associative interpretation of

Thunderstorm by Giorgione

The famous “Thunderstorm”, stored in the Venetian Gallery of the Academy, has long attracted the attention of researchers both with its mysterious plot, and with the treatment of the rural