Swans reflected in elephants by Salvador Dali

Swans reflected in elephants by Salvador Dali

Swans and three withered trees, reflected in the water, take on the appearance of elephants, and if you turn the picture upside down, the elephants turn into swans, and vice versa. Soft, slippery surfaces of objects and their writhing forms create an uncomfortable atmosphere, strangely contrasting with the prosaic figure of the idle person standing.

For what we descendants should be grateful to the surrealists led by S. Daly – they did not abandon the subjective representations, like many other modernists. Another thing is that it is not necessary to look for reality in their canvases – the world is upset, fractured, deformed, seen from a special angle.

Sometimes there are even serious doubts about the mental health of this or that artist. However, most likely, this is only an appearance, shocking. After all, and most of Dali at work very few people have seen, but all scandals in eccentric antics were gossiped to all who are not lazy.

In his own way he was sensitive to the classical experience and findings of the French Impressionists. So, the favorite motif of reflection in the water, Dali played with new colors. He completely gave vent to his own artistic fantasy, forcing three withered trees to turn into elephants and swans – it all depends on how to look at the picture – turning upside down or in the original version.

The clouds also remind some strange creatures. On all this conditionally fantastic background, you do not immediately notice the lonely figure of a man modestly standing on the side and turning away from the landscape, immersed in himself, sad and detached.

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