The village at sunset by Vincent Van Gogh

The village at sunset by Vincent Van Gogh

The picture “Village at sunset” can be called one of the most lyrical works of Van Gogh of the Dutch period. Still referring to the peasant theme, in this work he shows it from the other side. The burdens of peasant life, the squalor and grayness of rural life go to the background, and the stage is full of a quiet beauty, which, however, does not even have the shadow of idealization.

Van Gogh draws an even number of peasant huts, surrounded by trees. Evening lighting makes the shadows deep, but the landscape seems light and airy. The graphic accuracy of the huts outlined by the dark outline contrasts

with the ease of the sky, where the warm sunset sun shines through the thin cirrus clouds. Crowns of trees, penetrated by the last rays, seem airy and light.

Nature seems to calm down, preparing for sleep, and the meadow with trees and huts begins to envelop the lilac evening haze. Ahead Van Gogh places a strolling couple. Their figures are as calm as all that surrounds them.

The coloring of the painting is based, basically, on a combination of ultramarine and yellow ocher, which complement each other very well. Van Gogh does not use color in full force, but, at the same time, the picture does not have that deep earthy blackness that is characteristic of the Dutch paintings of the author. Light smoky tones make the picture simple and easy to perceive, conveying a calm evening atmosphere.

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