Sunset in the winter by Julius Clover

Sunset in the winter by Julius Clover

Yu. Yu. Klever is one of the most outstanding representatives of Russian landscape painters. A painter of German descent, he always dreamed of returning to his native land.

The painting “Sunset in Winter” reflects the beauty of nature. The image looks a bit cosmic, almost completely visible to the solar disk, and the clouds around it give mystery and shade the fiery-hot ball.

The last rays of the sun are reflected in the calm water. The river goes to infinity, and the road from the glow of the sunshine takes the contemplator to the depths of the cosmic universe. Water smoothness passes through the forest edge. You might think that this is the outskirts and people rarely visit such places.

A scanty wooden house stands alone, squinting at the weight of the snow. At first glance, such a home seems abandoned and for many years alone continues to stand by the shore, meeting its sunset. From the pipe you can see a subtle, flowing smoke. Hence, still no one left the house and life continues in it.

From the picture a little lonely. Perhaps, it was during this period of creativity that Clover felt like a hermit, lost in life, like this house by the river. He also stands in confusion and watches the sunset, which symbolizes the end of a certain life stage. During the creation of the work, the artist lived abroad and suffered greatly in this regard.

The picture conveys the atmosphere of a winter evening, nature seemed to fall asleep. Two trees in the foreground seemed to be frozen before crossing the river. They doubt their decision, but they are not in a hurry with the choice. It remains a mystery what exactly worried Yu. Yu. Klever. He doubted the decision, or, like a rickety little house, stood and watched the sunset after the sunset.

And everything is fine around, a magnificent landscape, an endless river, but the sunset wags sadness. It was sadness that froze in beautiful reflections on the river bed, underlined by a flock of clouds.

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