The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli

“Nightmare” – A series of four paintings by the Swiss and English artist Henry fuselage, which illustrate the gothic tendency in art in modern times.

Hull painted four versions of “nightmare.” One is kept in the Museum of Goethe in Frankfurt am Main, the other – in the Institute of Arts in Detroit. Although the picture is not written based on a particular literary work, it is obvious that the artist is based on the ghost stories of English literature, and was inspired by the tales of sleepy paralysis.

Figure sleeping or lying unconscious woman depicted in the painting, is elongated and curved. Fuselage

deliberately wrote it this way to show the severity of the incubus sitting on her chest – embodiment of nightmares and unconscious fears.

The slit between the curtains blind horse’s head is visible, whose image in the painting anticipates the demonic aspect accorded this animal in the late French Romanticism.

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