The Dream by Henry Rousseau

The Dream by Henry Rousseau

Naked girl on the couch – a traditional story salon painting. Suddenly it is completely illogical is among the fabulous jungle. It is unclear who is more surprised: woman, lions or spectator.

No wonder, however, if the girl is among their dreams, according to the commentary of the artist.

The composition recalls the paintings of surrealism: speaks about the unconscious, connect the unconnected. But “Dream” was written almost half a century of experiments to surrealism.

“Dream” – the last painting by Henri Rousseau, it incorporates many of the motifs of his creation. Biography of Henri Rousseau’s

almost ridiculous that he began to paint after 50 years without having special knowledge. Picture is energetic, but “ridiculous.”

If not for the “Independent Exhibition”, which can be exhibited by anyone, while it would be difficult to find a new venue for the paintings, so strange. Rousseau ridiculed, but they and admired. Arranged amusing scenes of his public recognition, nicknamed customs officer. But – even at this time it began the art of primitive or naive art. It professional artists tried their artificially simplified the picture, bring them to the children, the old, popular. But Rousseau was given it by itself – and original, brilliant. He’s just not able to write in a different way.

“Dream”, his last picture, has been widely recognized at once that rarely with pictures of non-classical sense. “Dream” is probably the only work in which the story is not real realized. Prior to this, a variety of compositions Rousseau displays the scene of ordinary life. And strange, trying to accurately copy reality, such inept artist created her version of that envy any of the Impressionists.

And in “The Dream” shows like reality, but how much it strange inconsistencies, non-compliance with the rules. Why, for instance, the dreamer points a finger at the snake charmer? Who is this character? Apparently, the viewer, but what a strange interactivity for such a fantastic story? So “Son” here and there goes beyond its scope.

Another “violation”, which became the artistic discovery. It is believed that Henri Rousseau never learned to properly use linear perspective on the canvas, but in the “Dream” prospects impression created by juxtaposition of objects, interlacing lines.

Among leaves a lot of inhabitants of fairy sleepy jungle. But they did not even make out all right: so artfully disguised in their artist painted more often.

In the center – the snake charmer. A left and right, top and bottom of someone’s eyes and ears sticking out of it because of the branches, as if to say: our sleep, the unconscious – a forest thicket. The idea is too difficult for naive art.

So carefully prescribed jungle compatriots forced to look for real prototypes: there was talk of a Mexican journey Rousseau, although customs officer genius never left outside Europe. And, supposedly, he was often seen in the botanical garden, contemplating the plants. Nevertheless, flowers and herbs in the “Dream” are not an exact match to the plant atlases, they fully belong to the world of fantasy and art.

In the very same figure awakened jungle naked mahi experts perceive a parody of the tradition of such stories, though unintentionally, perhaps.

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