The Girl by Isak Izraels

The Girl by Isak Izraels

Famous Dutch painter and graphic artist Isak Izraels was born in Amsterdam in the family of the artist Josef Izraels, who is considered to be the predecessor of Impressionism.

Isak Izraels studied painting with his father and was under his strong influence in art, he began to work independently only by the mid-1880s. The artist inherited from his father a subtle sense of color and an easy, energetic manner of writing, which was further developed in his works after in 1884 the artist began to work in the open air.

Inspired by the art of the French Impressionists, and as a result of communication with Max Lieberman, Izraelas sought to convey in the landscape primarily a sense of nature, and in the portrait – the emotional state of the model. The portrait of the “Amsterdam girl” was performed by Izraels at a time when his aesthetic views were already defined, and the picturesque manner influenced by the art of the impressionists gained greater freedom and individuality.

Other famous works: “In the Bois de Boulogne”. 1904-1905. Private collection; “The Amsterdam maid.” City Museum, Amsterdam; “Milliner”. City Museum, Amsterdam.

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