Henrietta French in Flora costume by Jean-Marc Nattier

Henrietta French in Flora costume by Jean Marc Nattier

Jean-Marc Nattier belonged to the famous dynasty of artists in Paris, his father was a member of the Paris Academy of Painting and Sculpture. The artist himself was noticed early by Louis XIV and received a royal order for the execution of drawings and engravings for the History of Maria de Medici.

Later, Nattier carried out work commissioned by Peter I in Holland and Paris. In 1718 he received the title of academician. Gradually, in the work of Nattier, the portrait took the main place. In the 1730s he was a family artist of the Dukes of Orleans.

Thanks to the success of the works shown in the Salon

of 1737, Nattier gained popularity and became the queen’s favorite, receiving the title of court painter. The portrait of Henrietta, the daughter of Louis XV, is idyllic and full of mythological allegories.

In it, the artist, as in other portraits, paid much attention to external effects and details, without resorting to the deep individual characteristics of the model, presented against a timeless landscape.

Other famous works: “Portrait of Peter I”. 1717. Hermitage, St. Petersburg; “Portrait of an Unknown”. 1757. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. A. S. Pushkin, Moscow; “Battle of the Forest”. 1717. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. A. S. Pushkin, Moscow; “Portrait of Duchess Louise of Orleans as Hebe”. 1744. National Museum, Stockholm.

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