Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

The painting “Starry Night” was written by Van Gogh during his stay in the Saint-Remy hospital. When the artist’s condition was improving, he was allowed to paint. At the request of his brother Teo, he was even given a separate room for this. Van Gogh spent time portraying landscapes and flowers in the hospital garden from nature. But the painting “Starry Night” he wrote from memory, which was not peculiar to Van Gogh.

The main elements of the landscape the artist made large expressive stars and the moon. When writing the night sky, he applied a special technique, thanks to which this picture later became one of the most famous works of Van Gogh. Long strokes, depicting stars, accurately write out spirals, in which the light of the moon and stars is twisted. Because of this, it seems that they are moving through the firmament, carrying through it their own amazing light.

On the right, at the foot of the hill, Van Gogh portrayed a small village. The roofs of the houses reflect the blue depth of the sky, and in some places yellow lights are visible. In the foreground the artist placed high cypresses, which seem to stretch their thin branches to the sky, trying to join the dance of the stars. Night landscape, passed through a unique creative filter of the artist, bears in itself infinite mystery and spirituality.

Perhaps, the American writers Stephen Nayfeh and Gregory White Smith, who studied the life of Van Gogh for 10 years, came to the conclusion that it was a negligent homicide committed by one of the local adolescents, while drinking alcohol together: when depicting a cowboy, the boy sent a defective pistol on Vincent, and fate would have liked that the weapon interrupted the suffering of a genius exhausted by the spiritual ailment.

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