Cafe Terrace At Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Cafe Terrace At Night by Vincent Van Gogh

A perfect example of post-Impressionist manner of writing can be considered a work of Van Gogh’s “Cafe Terrace at Night”. The painting was done in oil painting in 1888, and now it can be seen in the collection of the Museum Kröller-Muller Museum in Otterlo.

This painting by Van Gogh, as well as most of his creative work, original and very tangible.

The picture as accurately and truthfully conveys a cozy atmosphere of the night town. Special night lighting draws us to magical bizarre images, color combinations and striking contrasts.

Contrast-studded sky and stars brightly lit cafe serves as the basis of the composite system of the picture.

Such a contrast solution looks sharp and true as the contrast of light and shadow, black and white. Starry sky and is close to large beautiful stars creates a feeling of a special fairy-tale world, closed in its mysterious hidden energies.

The night sky fascinates with its silent force, pulling the look and obsessing consciousness. City seemed to split into two contrasting completely opposite worlds. One world – a world of the starry night sky of silence and timid sleep. Another world – a space noisy, brightly lit cafes. Cafe Terrace at Night retained a vanity and frivolity of the day. City night lives the quiet unhurried life, a little less intense than during the day, but just as sincere and open. City seemed detached coupling to the world of sleep and peace of being in a quiet and cozy atmosphere, warm cafe, among his carefree vacationers visitors.

The picture is complex colors, based on – a welcome contrast image in detail, and the major structural elements of the web. Bright stars in the night sky of space to get lost among the dark unlit residential buildings, artificial light, flowing from the cafe terraces and cold hardly attainable light flowing from celestial paintings – all warm breath of the night in a small European town.

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