Portrait of Queen Maria Luisa of Parma by Francisco de Goya

Portrait of Queen Maria Luisa of Parma by Francisco de Goya

The queen is represented in the form of a mahi – a girl from the people, so Maria-Louise herself wished.

Here she stands in a natural and at the same time majestic pose, maha and queen. The nose, like the beak of a bird of prey, eyes look with an intelligent greedy gaze, a stubborn chin, lips over the diamond teeth are tightly compressed. On the face covered with rouge lies the seal of experience, greed and cruelty. The mantilla, falling from the wig, is crossed on the chest, the neck in the deep cut of the dress beckons with freshness, the hands are fleshy, but the beautiful form, the left is all in the rings, lazily lowered, the right beckoning and expectantly holding a tiny fan at the chest.

Goya tried to say with his portrait is not too much and not too little. His dona Maria-Louise was ugly, but he made this ugliness alive, sparkling, almost attractive. In his hair he painted a red and lilac bow, and next to this bow still more proudly sparkled black lace. He put on her golden shoes, shining from under the black dress, and put a soft gleam of the body on everything.

The queen had nothing to complain about. In the most flattering form, she expressed her complete satisfaction and even asked for two copies.

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