Self Portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci

Self Portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci

“Self Portrait” by Leonardo da Vinci – is one of the most famous works of the artist, which perhaps gives viewers an idea of how to look the famous Renaissance artist. However, some experts believe that this is a completely different person.

Nevertheless, this picture has been written about the time of Leonardo was about 60 years. Many art historians tend to believe that “the portrait of a man in red chalk” – one of the best works of the famous Italian artist.

The painting is made on paper using sanguine. It shows a portrait of a man of incredible inner strength and power, but his eyes filled with some bitterness and loss of life. Perhaps this view reflects the internal state of the Leonardo da Vinci, as well as regrets about leaving the era of the greatest art.

As a rule, the works of great artists are often shrouded in many mysteries and puzzles. The same applies to Leonardo. Experts are trying to find in each of his picture some hidden subtext or discover something new in the artist. Sure, almost every work of the great artist and scientist carries more than just aesthetic beauty.

Also, “Self Portrait” by Leonardo da Vinci, the mysteries that scientists have worked for decades. Having carefully studied the paintings and sketches of the great scientist, the researchers concluded that da Vinci to any film made sketches or drafts. Presumably, that “Self-Portrait” is a sketch for the famous Mona Lisa.

Currently, “Self Portrait” by Leonardo da Vinci is located in the Royal Library in Turin. Unfortunately, under the influence of time and other factors, the picture is slightly damaged due to high humidity, and so at this point the product is not exposed.

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