Saint Anna and Mary with the Infant Christ by Leonardo Da Vinci

Saint Anna and Mary with the Infant Christ by Leonardo Da Vinci

Painting by the artist Leonardo da Vinci “Saint Anna and Mary with the Infant Christ”. The size of the painting is 168 x 130 cm, wood, oil. During the first decade of the 16th century, Leonardo did not work as an artist. In the four years between 1508 and 1512, while in Milan, Leonardo da Vinci, in between scientific studies, worked on a draft of the monument to Marshal Trivulzio, where the master again returns to the complex sculptural group, placing on the high pedestal a rider who raised the powerful a horse over a fallen warrior.

The search for a new type of monument is embodied in the statuette

of a rider executed in Leonardo’s studio, which is extremely dynamic and expressive. In addition, the artist worked on two paintings – “Saint Anna and Mary with the Infant Christ” and “John the Baptist.”

In the first of these compositions, where Mary and the baby are portrayed on the lap of her mother, Saint Anne, the weakening of the gift of Leonardo da Vinci is felt. The artist masterfully copes with a complex grouping of figures, but a slight smile on the faces of Anna and Maria, which Leonardo has become a traditional method of psychological animation of images, has lost its former deep expressiveness. A much more poetic figure, made about 1500 AD, is an excellent cardboard for the composition of the same name “Saint Anne and Mary with the Infant Christ.”

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