Ginevra Benci by Leonardo da Vinci

Ginevra Benci by Leonardo da Vinci

The most scrupulous research can detect no more than twenty paintings that can be attributed with certainty to Leonardo da Vinci’s brush and many of the paintings remained unfinished. Leonardo, a great explorer in a startlingly wide range of questions, said: “Painting is a mute poetry.

Painting is able to communicate its end results to all generations of the universe. “They wrote many female portraits and only one man, before which the artists portrayed some abstract women, the ideal of the beauty of their time.

Leonardo also wrote specific people, unique in their individuality. He was able to connect the external resemblance to the penetration into the soul world of his models. Sometimes he included symbols – objects that indicate the social position of a character, plant or animal – portraying his name or hinting at his character and habits. Genvre de Benci, the sister of an astronomer and friend of Leonardo, married at the age of 17. Her portrait is written on this occasion.

The Juniper branch in the background symbolizes the innocence of the newlywed. “Djinnop” in Italian means “juniper”, which is consonant with her name. On the back of the portrait there is an emblem on which a branch of a juniper in a frame of a laurel and palm branches is interwoven with a tape with a Latin saying: “Virtutem forma decorat”.

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