Resurrection of the daughter of Jairus by Ilya Repin

Resurrection of the daughter of Jairus by Ilya Repin

The plot of the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus is dedicated to the painting by Ilya Repin, “Resurrection of the daughter of Jairus”. It was difficult for him to work on it. How to find the mood to convey one of the amazing wonders of Christ? How to paint the biblical legend? For four months the artist could not touch the canvas. The competition for the gold medal of the Academy of Arts inexorably approached. Where to begin? With rereading the gospel? But he knew these lines by heart. He imagined Jairus, the father of a 12-year-old girl… Death did not spare his only daughter. The irreparable happened…

And now Christ comes to the house – a great man, clothed with the gift of healing, touches her frozen hands – and life returns again. In the struggle between two principles – dark and light – a reflection of the main thoughts of the picture, the martial arts of life and death.

Its overall tone turned out to be gloomy, alarming. Sharp transitions from light to dark created a mood of anxiety and excitement.

A man with a sage face, dressed in blue softly flowing clothes, entered the room. In all his appearance – calm concentration, confidence in his strength. He gently touched the hand of a dead girl lying on a bed covered with white flowing fabrics. The touch is so calm and natural that mother and father froze, afraid to believe in a miracle. On their faces, amazement, fear and excitement.

Repin captures the moment before the miracle. The viewer almost does not see how the body that has cooled down begins to come to life right before his eyes. The girl’s bosom seems to have lifted for the first deep breath, and an almost visible change is made in her face. It loses its deathly pallor and acquires paints. The truly amazing magic of the magic brush is incomprehensible! The lamp throws warm yellowish rays on the girl, which are already in a hurry to come into contact with the bluish daylight.

On November 2, 1871, the young novice painter Ilya Repin was awarded the first gold medal of the Academy, which gave the right to the title of artist of the first degree and six years of study abroad.

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