Portrait of A. G. Rubinstein by Ilya Repin

Portrait of A. G. Rubinstein by Ilya Repin

Portraits of famous people, who in our time are a model of hard work and talent, those who left the cultural heritage for many generations to come, will always be special. After all, their main characteristic is that through the image on the canvas is transmitted and external similarity, and the inner talent of the character. That is why the picture of I. Ye. Repin deserves the most sincere viewer, who is interested in the story and the people who played one of the leading roles in it. For me, the work of the painter is an additional incentive to get acquainted with the profession of a conductor. After all, this man has invested in his specialty a special concept of creative vocation.

Everything in this picture breathes with liveliness, energy and love of life. It is noticeable that the painter with his model have close friendships, so much warmth gives the canvas. It radiates admiration and anticipation of something absolutely beautiful. It seems that music will burst forth, instruments will begin to sound, and the triumph of genius will begin. All this will be transmitted to the audience in the concert hall, and those who look at the canvas.

The conductor’s gaze is focused, his hand vigorously shot up, like a bird’s wing. Now the musicians at the call of their leader, who stands in front of them, touch the instruments, and the music will flow. But before this silence, it fills the hall, and also sounds. She speaks eloquently about the readiness of the viewer to plunge into magic. Everything was prepared very carefully for this. There were long rehearsals until every artist managed to trust the conductor. He has an excellent ear and knows how to lead an orchestra of hundreds of people.

In essence, the benefit of the person who deserves it is depicted. Through the canvas, I get the feeling that today he prepared to accept congratulations and believes in his success. He is wearing a beautiful suit and an expensive shirt, a handkerchief coyly tied around his neck. Both posture and appearance speak about confidence, both to lead talented musicians, each of whom is an individual with his own history, and in the ability to accept complements who are surely waiting for the conductor. Strong picture.

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