Afanasy Fet by Ilya Repin

Ilya Efimovich Repin – the great Russian painter, master of portrait genre. Throughout his life, he painted many portraits of famous people, writers, poets, one of whom is the portrait

Rest by Ilya Repin

Portraits of their loved ones Repin created all his life. Especially often the artist wrote his first wife, Vera, and children. Several times Repin posed his brother Vasily, professionally engaged

Sadko by Ilya Repin

The painting “Sadko” Repin wrote in 1876, while in Paris. But in France, Russian folk motifs of the canvas were not appreciated. But in the homeland of the artist his

Portrait of Andreev by Ilya Repin

Apparently, the portrait of the writer Andreev remained unfinished. Before us is more likely a worked sketch than a finished work. However, perhaps this is a technique that the artist

Dragonfly by Ilya Repin

Using a number of impressionistic techniques in painting, the artist in the painting “Dragonfly” remains within the limits of his usual manner with precise modeling of the form. The influence