Wooden sculpture by Paul Gauguin

Wooden sculpture by Paul Gauguin

Gauguin easily changed the techniques. His early sculptures were traditional in style, but showed a high skill of the artist to work with the material. Soon the artist left the marble and was carried away by carving. In Brittany, he created two remarkable reliefs, carved from limes: “Be in love” and “Be mysterious.” They are lavishly littered with symbolic details.

A telling fact: each of the reliefs of Gauguin estimated at 1500 francs, while his paintings sold for only 600 francs. After leaving France, Gauguin did not leave his occupation with wooden sculpture. Constantly in need,

he was often unable to buy paint. Then the artist took up a knife and a tree. In this form of art, his mature style can also be called primitivistic.

The door of his house on the Marquesas Islands, called Gauguin’s “House of Delights,” he adorned with elaborately carved panels.

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