Oresteia Aeschyla by Francis Bacon

Oresteia Aeschyla by Francis Bacon

Painting can not be perceived at the level of understanding, painting can be perceived only at the level of the senses. The restless, nervous, frightening painting of Francis Bacon can not all be accepted by anyone, but it attracts with its unsolved, only known truth.

By 1974, he became acquainted with John Edwards, who became his new model, a close friend and heir. Bacon is making another trip to New York. He is also exhibited in Madrid and Barcelona. Triptych “Oresteia Aeschylus”, 1981 – one of the important works of this period.

The contemporary classics of the artist were considered

already in the late 70s of the last century. Of course, the classic Francis Bacon is purely modernistic – with broken forms, nervous strokes and seemingly inverted space, but Bacon himself, in spite of his experimental era, thought himself to be an “old academic master” rather than a subversive of tradition.

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