The Annunciation at the Church by Jan van Eyck

The Annunciation at the Church by Jan van Eyck

Painting by Jan van Eyck “The Annunciation”. In the Dutch art of the 20s of the 15th century, the greatest accuracy in the transfer of nature and objects of human habitation is combined with an increased sense of beauty, and above all the color, colorful sonority of the real thing.

Light color of the color, its deep inner emotion and a kind of solemn purity deprive the works of the 1920s of any everyday routine – even in those cases when a person is depicted in a domestic setting.

If the activity of the real beginning in the works of the 1420s is a common sign of their Renaissance

nature, then the indispensable accentuation of the miraculous enlightenment of the whole earthly testifies to the perfect originality of the Renaissance art formation in the Netherlands. This quality of Dutch painting was confirmed and expressed in the picture of Jan van Eyck’s “Annunciation”.

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