Woman by Francis Bacon

Female portraits of the artist will begin to write later in 1964-1967, he will write etudes Isabel Raustorner, Henrietta Moraes and others. The picture of Francis Bacon “Woman” is not

Portrait of a dwarf by Francis Bacon

The picture of Francis Bacon “Portrait of a Dwarf” is magnificent for composition and psychological impact. The dwarf with his congenital ugliness is portrayed less ugly than the beautiful aristocrats

Painting by Francis Bacon

“The picture” Francis Bacon wrote in 1978. This picture is allegorical, it is about love. At the bottom left, we see a gentleman walking out into the open white door

Untitled by Francis Bacon

In a painting without the name of the English artist-expressionist Francis Bacon, a phantasmagoric creature, a piano-like ostrich pianist, is taking, or rather, devouring flowers and applause as a token