Young Sailor by Henri Matisse

Matisse and his friends Albert Marquet, Andre Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck and Georges Rouault were called Fauvists in the Autumn Salon of 1905, that is, “wild”. They are usually considered

Pink Nude by Henri Matisse

As the artist’s biographer, Lawrence Gowing, noted, “there was a period when the naked female body became the constant plot of Matisse”. However, the artist himself once remarked: “The figure

Dance II by Henri Matisse

Matisse showed real heroism, presenting the picture “The Joy of Life” as his only thing at the Salon of 1906, but her perception at that time required heroic efforts. The

Red Studio by Henri Matisse

The painting depicts the workshop of Matisse: randomly scattered throughout the studio paintings, sculptures, dishes. The walls and floor are evenly covered in red paint. “Red Studio” is considered a

Open window by Henri Matisse

Creation date: 1905 Henri Matisse was the most prominent member of the short-lived, but noticeable in the art of the 20th century artistic movement – Fauvism, which was characterized by

Sweet dream by Henri Matisse

A close up protrudes the face of a serenely sleeping young woman. Comfortably sitting on a white pillow, covered with a colorful blanket, she sleeps sweetly, her mouth slightly open.