Romanian blouse by Henri Matisse

This picture was painted in the fall of 1940 in Nice, where Matisse left Paris, occupied by the Germans. She demonstrates the artist’s transition to a simplified manner of writing.

Music by Henri Matisse

A work resembling children’s drawing shows five people of uncertain age. One of them plays the violin, the other, sitting side by side, on some kind of wind instrument, the

Dining table by Henri Matisse

The picture “Dining Table” refers to the early period of creativity of Henri Matisse, when he, like most young emerging artists, was “infected” with ideas of impressionism. Already at first

Talk by Henri Matisse

At first it may seem that Matisse depicts a completely banal scene that can occur on any given day. We see the husband and wife talking in the morning. In

Dance by Henri Matisse

The “dance”, which together with the “Music” constitutes a decorative ensemble, was commissioned by S. I. Shchukin to decorate the stairs of his mansion in Moscow. The motif of the

Beach by Henri Matisse

The picture creates a joyful sensation of life – the blue river, the trees reflected in the water, and on the other bank among the thick grass of the lush

Woman in a Hat by Henri Matisse

Exhibited in 1905 at the Autumn Salon, “Woman in the Hat” was in the center of attention. The portrait of Matisse’s wife, Ameli Pareyr, impressed both viewers and critics at

Sculpture by Henri Matisse

Matisse began working on sculpture at the age of twenty and over the next three decades did not leave these classes, which were for him a kind of “rest” from