Blue Nude by Henri Matisse

While working on this sculpture, Matisse accidentally destroyed the workpiece, and its fragments inspired the master to create the most controversial work in his career. First presented at the Salon

The Model by Henri Matisse

The canvas “The Model” was written by Matisse during the time of his fascination with the Impressionists. He was especially attracted to Paul Gauguin with his simple forms, local colors

The Red Studio by Henry Matisse

French Fauvism Henri Matisse in 1908, wrote another painting commissioned by Sergei Shchukin. Fauvism as a new artistic direction there long, but I managed to manifest itself clearly enough in

Woman with a Hat by Henry Matisse

In 1905, Henri Matisse stopped using the technique of divisionism. He became interested in daring combinations of pure colors, and inharmonious unthinkable in terms of art of past eras. The

Blue Nude by Henri Matisse

Looking at this picture have a feeling of lightness, light, purity, peace and harmony. White pieces complement the blue and vice versa, it can not be something clear here: harmony

The Dance by Henry Matisse

Creativity Matisse – a significant phenomenon of the French art of the early twentieth century. His style is different from the usual classical compositions. Contemporaries were shocked novelty, a riot