Les Alyscamps by Vincent Van Gogh

Les Alyscamps by Vincent Van Gogh

This autumn landscape was created by Van Gogh in the French city of Arles during the two-month period of work with Paul Gauguin.

The painting depicts an alley located in Arles Roman necropolis of Alyscamps

Purple poplar trunks cut by frame exactly where the foliage begins. These trees, as columns, bordered by an alley, on both sides lined up a purple-blue Roman tombs. Earth is already littered with dense carpet of orange and yellow fallen leaves, and the new all fall down like snow flakes. The alley black figurines of lovers.

The top picture is very busy green meadow, the sky has little or no. The second painting depicts the same mall, but instead of lovers – some old man and a thick, round as a ball, a woman. Oh, why you were not with us on Sunday! We have seen quite a vineyard red – red, as red wine. From a distance it looked yellow, above it – a green sky, around – after rain purple land somewhere on it – the yellow glow of sunset.

Alyscamps – a huge Roman necropolis, located not far from the walls of the old part of Arles. Vincent Van Gogh persuaded Gauguin to go together in the Alyscamps work. Van Gogh wrote that while Paul Gauguin wrote one painting, Vincent himself has already done three. Gauguin Van Gogh said to create a landscape does not have to be exactly on the spot, he could draw and in the studio.

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