Landscape with wooded hills and stream by Jacob van Ruisdael

Landscape with wooded hills and stream by Jacob van Ruisdael

Painting by Dutch painter Jacob van Ruysdael “Landscape with wooded hills and a stream.” The size of the painting is 76 x 98 cm, oil on canvas. Reysdal managed to turn landscape painting into a mirror of human emotions. In the paintings of the painter, the sensitive, tense and passionate susceptibility of the Reisdal-man to the life of nature in its private and general manifestations makes itself felt.

The painting “Landscape with wooded hills and a stream” shows how the expressive possibilities of portraying the sky, painted by Reisdal, are of increasing importance for Dutch painters;

The sky in the artist’s picture not only balances the composition, but also introduces air and space into the scene.

Ruysdal makes every little motive feel in a complex choir of the image of nature, be it a road running upwards, or a tree disheveled from a strong sea wind, a disheveled bush, or a cloud foretelling a thunderstorm. Reisdal liked to write forest thickets, hills, swamps, waterfalls, streams and other places where a person feels like a small part of great nature.

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