Landscape on the island of Martinique by Paul Gauguin

Landscape on the island of Martinique by Paul Gauguin

The peculiarity of the picturesque manner of Paul Gauguin was reflected in a special way in the “Landscape on the Island of Martinique”, created by him in 1887.

The landscape is rich and multifaceted in terms of composition. A new post-impressionistic style is noticeable in the selection of colors for the canvas. “Landscape on the island of Martinique” is attractive, colorful, exotic. Gauguin’s manner of writing resembles a drawing of pastel crayons.

A variety of shades forms iridescent overflows. Colorful strokes are located not sweaty to each other, but as if with gaps. Why create the effect of a vibrant, lively image. The image of the stream in the foreground of the picture is different with respect to the interesting coloristic solution in which it is executed. The stream seems to sparkle and entices with its glitter and light purple glow, rebuilding the space around, giving it an element of magical fairy-tale worlds.

The development of a new style requires the structuring of a new world. The new artistic world must be fundamentally different from the world of everyday life, the world of monochrome and one-dimensionality. Post-impressionism creates a new world filled with a lot of new ideas and complex ideas that need to be understood, but somehow to be identified using the art of depiction and new artistic and visual means.

“Landscape on the island of Martinique” absorbed much of the ideas of impressionism, but more so the picture is the basic principles of painting post-impressionism. This is also a complex multicolor canvas, sometimes giving the picture an unnecessary variegation and flamboyance; this is also the contrasting black and white ratio, which gives the picture a moderate sharpness.

“Landscape on the island of Martinique” as if fragmented into numerous color spots. This feeling is facilitated by compositional versatility, chaos of lines, bends, chaos, the origin of the idea of color and forms. The picture is inherent in an independent existence, it’s just a colorful image created with the help of oil painting techniques, really living, piercing the canvas with the air of new art and with confident and firm thoughts about the coming changes.

The landscape is impregnated with peace and harmony, but there is a hidden, but stable dynamics that envelops this canvas on being in the new laws of a new post-impressionistic art.

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