Landscape with peacocks by Paul Gauguin

Landscape with peacocks by Paul Gauguin

“Landscape with peacocks” written by Paul Gauguin is already at the end of the nineteenth century in the heyday of his work. To see the canvas and, on the whole, to appreciate the peculiarities of Paul Gauguin’s picturesque manner, one can at the present time in the State Museum of Fine Arts named after. A. Pushkin in Moscow.

Like many of the artist’s works of this time, “Landscape with Peacocks” is distinguished by its uncommon coloring, compositional multilayeredness, heaps of color spots and pictorial plans.

“Landscape with peacocks” is characterized by a beautiful and unusual combination of colors and forms. The vertical plane of the picture is extremely full and serves as a reflection of a bright, unlike anything reality, so it is not ordinary and exotic.

In the picture itself, it would seem, there is nothing unusual. However, the emphasized decorativeness of the image, the abundance of complex shades, shapes and silhouettes, passing from one state to another, precisely iridescent rainbow waves or fiery flashes.

The image of the peacocks in the foreground of the canvas is not immediately noticeable on the general background of a catchy multicolored. The landscape abounds in bright colors, sharp contrasting transitions, rattling and wandering lines of silhouettes.

There is a weak sense of volume and perspective image, the laws of classical painting do not work, giving way to new artistic and visual means of post-impressionism.

Created by Paul Gauguin, “Landscape with Peacocks” appears as a space of sleep, a land of dreams or a half-reality. Exaggerated color saturation, deformation and other alignment of forms and lines. All this plunges us into a state of altered consciousness, altered feelings and unusual sensations. We become a little closer to the vision and understanding of this world by the artist himself.

The landscape is definitely raging with bright colors and shapes resembling a spreading lava. In the landscape you do not meet the usual pattern solutions. And certainly this canvas is not boring and uninteresting. On the contrary, there is much, if not everything is filled with the air of a new life, unfamiliar emotions and experiences. The shades of red, located evenly in the space of the canvas, expressively emphasize and build up the vertical of the canvas.

The lush vegetation of dark green and often almost black shades echoes with peacocks and black stones in the foreground. In the same way, the versatility inherent in the canvas is balanced and smoothed out.

Figures people as if merge and are lost against the background of a consciously fragmented visual series, merging into a single image. The landscape has combined many different artistic solutions, the landscape is eclectic, some images are connected to others, confused and mixed exactly random kaleidoscopic images.

“Landscape with peacocks” embodies the world that has become close to Paul Gauguin and which sometimes appears just like an illusory, unreal, magical-fantastic world for someone who was not involved with him, like the artist himself.

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