Mountains in Tahiti by Paul Gauguin

Mountains in Tahiti by Paul Gauguin

Of no small importance in the genre relation for Paul Gauguin is the landscape. The landscapes created by the artist are distinctive and unique. The landscape “Mountains in Tahiti” was written by the Post-Impressionist Gogen in 1893. The painting is part of the collections of the Institute of Fine Arts in Minneapolis.

“Mountains in Tahiti” – a landscape image, full of bright colors, burning air and scorching sun. The variety of colors, its saturation allow the picturesque canvas to glow from within.

Despite the abundance of shades, various natural forms and outlines, the landscape is not overloaded and retains a sense of ease and simplicity of life.

The visual row of the canvas is arranged by contrasting combinations of colors such as yellow, green, blue and red. Complex combinations of these colors and their shades give the landscape an originality and dissimilarity to most other works of Paul Gauguin.

For the landscape “Mountains in Tahiti” is characterized by an atmosphere of peace and a mood of serenity, reminiscent of the state of half-sleep, half-reality. Here, in a special way, space-time relations unfold. Otherwise, there is a flow of time. It is unhurried, measured, unhurried.

The artist managed to create a poetic image of the wild, mysterious nature of Tahiti. This nature is beautiful and exotic and so unlike the familiar images. It has more sunlight and colors, bends and lines.

The picture is a heaping not only coloristic, but also a heap of volumes and planes. Uncommon color gives the canvas decorativeness and liveliness.

Mountains look apart, though they fit into the overall composition of the picture. The image of the mountains serves as a general framing background, slightly elevating, but not protruding excessively and without disturbing the unity and density of the layout.

The selection of flowers and their location relative to each other resembles the colorful color of any of the exotic birds. By its pictorial plan, the landscape has turned out to be quite calm and peaceful, if not to have in view of the active impetuous coloring of the canvas. The landscape causes equally impetuous and vivid experiences, prompting to feel more openly and enjoy the diversity of life and the world around.

The landscape looks exactly like a set of bright feathers, sparkling in the sun with a rainbow tint. This landscape is exactly a warm smile, kind and affable.

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