La Orana Maria by Paul Gauguin

In this work, too, the influence of visits to Tahiti is felt. In the picture, the Christian figures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus are transformed into a Tahitian mother

Dancing Girls by Paul Gauguin

In 1888, after a serious illness, Paul Gauguin came to Brittany. The people in Brittany are original, preserving their traditions and having their own worldview. But, despite this the artist

Wooden sculpture by Paul Gauguin

Gauguin easily changed the techniques. His early sculptures were traditional in style, but showed a high skill of the artist to work with the material. Soon the artist left the

Road, Arly by Paul Gauguin

The work of Paul Gauguin “The Road” is a canvas, saturated with colors and juice of pure color. It is written in the traditional direction of post-impressionism, revered by the

Sewing woman by Paul Gauguin

In 1880, Gauguin wrote a nude woman – Justine’s maid posed for him. In this nude Gauguin, as fully as possible, expressed what distinguished him from the Impressionists. In fact,