Horses during a thunderstorm by Boris Kustodiev

Horses during a thunderstorm by Boris Kustodiev

Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiyev is an artist of a rare unlimited talent, who, first of all, had a special feeling and perception of his native nature. Kustodiyev could not only see and appreciate the beauty of the natural world, but also in his power and in his power, he could recreate and embody this complex world of living nature in as much detail as possible. Like most of the author’s works, Kustodiev’s landscape canvases are notable for their special brightness, expressiveness and richness of color plans.

In the pictures of Kustodiev, nature is always much more than just a landscape image. Kustodiyev creates his own artistic description of nature, making it extremely individual, copyright, unlike anything else.

In this regard, one of the Kustodiev works, “Horses during a thunderstorm” written in 1918 by the artist, is particularly noticeable. The painting “Horses during a thunderstorm” is a sample of talented oil painting. At the moment, the canvas belongs to the 20th century fine art collection of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. The central image and motive of the canvas is already stated in the very title of the painting. In the foreground of the painting are horses, agitated by the terrible elements, the approaching bad weather and severe thunderstorms. Driven by the sudden gusts of wind, the animals were alarmed, and people stormed by the storm were shown a little distance away. Before us looms women whose hems of dresses develop under the influence of a strong wind.

Women cover their heads with their hands so that the wind will not tear off the scarves tied on top. Bad weather broke out in the picture Kustodiev “Horses during a thunderstorm.” In the sky sparkles bright, illuminating for a moment, a single all around exactly during the day. A pink, cold yellow glow borders a “lightning” charge of thunderstorm energy. The pink-golden shine spreads like a flash in different directions by sharp outbursts of dense, concentrated elemental energy.

Magnificent crowns of trees bend under the gusts of wind that increase every second. A torrential shower will rush to a bleak stream. In some places, there are already visible areas of nature blurred by rain, emasculated, sharply blurred silhouettes of trees, sky, and the earth’s surface. Meanwhile, through a similar blur appear somewhere far away, the rising faces of a pure calm serene world. Such nuances of the image only emphasize the sharp contrast between the elements and tranquility in the natural world.

In general, the picture is characterized by a sharp light and shade relationship, that is, a contrast image. Such a manner of writing intensifies, sharpens, makes the boundaries between the world of peace and quiet and the world of “storm and stress” more noticeable. And the picture itself acquires greater expressiveness and the effect of artistic influence. Reception of contrast transforms the picture, making it not only more expressive, but also emphasizing the central image of the image itself. It is during a thunderstorm that complex changes occur in the behavior of light and shadow, they begin to interact in a strange way. It was these particular features that I wanted to realize with the help of the reception of a sharp contrast B. M. Kustodiev. The artist chose a difficult task for himself and coped with it talentedly and easily.

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