Rural holiday by Boris Kustodiev

Rural holiday by Boris Kustodiev

The pictures of Kustodiev, depicting the ideal scenes of Russian life, are full of the very narrative that struck him so much in Bruegel. The author of one of the first books about the artist, V. Voinov, recalled one of his conversations with Kustodiyev: “He said that he was attracted to the story, but not to the anecdote; to the story, organically connected with life. Life transformed through pictorial tasks.

He dreams of a picture where not a single figure can be arbitrarily thrown out, they are all interconnected by the unity of place and time. “His Russia Kustodiyev rhymes with the”

holiday. “It is assumed that there is something else in it – hard work, worries, inertia of life, but ideally, this life, illuminated by the eternal idea of life, also becomes a “holiday”.

“Holiday”, not darkened by anything, as a symbol, the metaphor of life. Such a “mythologization” also corresponds to the style of Kustodiyev’s works, their color, the diversity of hypertrophied color, what A. Benoit respectfully and somewhat shockedly called “barbarous fight of colors”. Typical examples of this series: “Rural holiday”, and “Religious procession”.

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