Holy Family by Giorgione

Holy Family by Giorgione

The painting “Holy Family” or “Madonna Benson” was written by Venetian artist Giorgione around 1500-1550. The Holy Family – in Christian representations the family in which Jesus Christ was born, the closest surrounding of the infant Jesus in childhood, including his mother Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph the Betrothed.

Virgin Mary, in Christianity, the mother of Jesus Christ, who conceived him immaculately. Parents of Mary – the righteous Joachim and Anna were childless until old age. At the age of 12, Mary gave a vow of eternal virginity. After reaching the age of majority Maria finds her elderly husband Joseph, who respects her vow. In his house, Mary worked on the purple yarn for the temple veil, during the spinning, the Annunciation took place.

After the birth of Jesus Christ, Mary runs with him and Joseph from King Herod to Egypt, and after Herod’s death returns to Nazareth. Mary is present on Calvary, and, according to the Christian tradition, first of all it is Christ after his resurrection. According to one version, Maria quietly lived in the house of John the Theologian, whom Christ told her to adopt. After Mary’s assimilation, that is, by the separation of Mary’s soul with the body, a wonderful reunion and bodily ascension into heaven follows.

Jesus Christ, according to the traditional Christian dogma, the God-man, who holds in the “hypostatic” unity of His personality the fullness of the Divine nature and all the concreteness of human nature; in one person, God the Son, the Logos, “having neither the beginning of days, nor the end of life” – and a person who had ethnicity, age and physical signs born in the world and at the end put to death. For Islam, Jesus Christ is one of the prophets that preceded Mohammed.

From the point of view of historical science, Jesus Christ was the religious figure of the first half of the 1st century AD, who appeared and acted in the Jewish environment, with the activity of his disciples connected with the beginning of Christianity, which was born, apparently, somewhat earlier than 4 years BC. e. , preached in his native Galilee and other lands of the Palestinian area and executed by the Roman authorities on Calvary around the year 30 of our era.

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