Grandma’s party by Alexey Korzukhin

Grandmas party by Alexey Korzukhin

In the rich estate of the landowner’s estate – the name day of the most important landowner – mistress of the estate, mother and grandmother. In the elegant, country-decorated, rich living room against the open window, at the table on the couch sits the birthday girl, and with her there is a local priest in a festive blue bowl. The birthday girl is holding a little girl on her lap, her granddaughter, who is trying to congratulate her grandmother, and she listens with dignity to the pet.

Next to the nanny girl, ready to pick up the child after “congratulations.” On the left, an elderly man, the owner of the estate, leads the little boy to his grandmother, punishing her to speak. In the right part of the living room, the servant prepares a table to arrange a treat for guests. And then there is a guest, holding a gift under his arm. He waits, when the mistress of the house will be free to bring her his congratulations. Next to him is a footman with bottles on a tray, he too waits for you to serve drinks.

In the open window behind the birthday girl poured autumn sunlight and lays bright patches on the floor parquet. Outside the window is an autumn birch with golden leaves. Autumn outside the window symbolizes the autumn life of this elderly woman, but at the same time emphasizes that even autumn can be beautiful, and there is still a lot of good in front of it. The combination of bright and dark colors with sunlight creates a cheerful, optimistic, festive mood. The artist shows in the picture the greatest merit of this family – love and mutual understanding with each other, a reverent, respectful attitude to the elders.

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