Separation by Alexey Korzukhin

Separation by Alexey Korzukhin

In his painting “Separation” AI Korzukhin depicts a landlord’s family. In the foreground of the work is the mother with her son in her arms. He is quite old enough to sit on his mother’s lap, but she planted it so, because they have a long separation, and she will miss him very much.

The mother looks at her son, and her look reads excitement and anxiety, she does not want to let him go, but at the same time understands the need for this action. With her right hand, she squeezes the handkerchief, obviously to wipe the rolling tears. The index finger of the hand is lifted upwards, it can be assumed that at this moment she gives the last instructions to her son.

A woman is dressed in a pink striped suit, the hem of her skirt easily hides her legs. The boy listens to my mother’s advice, but his gaze is directed past her. It seems that he is not much worried about the fact that they will have to part. He is dressed in a long black coat, dark trousers, and patent leather shoes. In the hands of the boy holding his cap. Behind him, he can see his pack. The table behind which they sit is covered with a snow-white tablecloth. On the table is a tea set and a samovar with a brewer.

On the other side of the table on the red carved couch sits an officer – the boy’s daddy. He carefully watches the farewell scene, as if wanting to add something to his son. He is not the only observer, behind the mother is a grandmother, who, judging by the fact that she, too, is dressed and holds her bag in her hands, is traveling with her grandson. On the wall hang two portraits in a figured framework. Next to the officer there is a chair, on which lies a newspaper and a cane that he has not read.

The author has executed the picture in rather quiet tones that corresponds to the represented plot.

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