Collection of arrears by Alexey Korzukhin

Collection of arrears by Alexey Korzukhin

Sunny summer day, there is not a cloud in the sky. And in contrast to this caressing day, a real drama unfolds on the earth. In the village came collectors arrears from the peasants.

In the center of the picture is the most important tax collector, he, looking up without looking up, does not want to listen to the desperate pleas of a woman kneeling at his feet. In her arms a baby, she tears begging to pity them, not to take the cow – their only wet nurse. If they take her away, they just have to starve to death.

Nearby stands barefoot, dressed in white portals and a battered caftan master of the house. He scratches his head in confusion, not knowing what to say, what to do, how to live. And now the cow was withdrawn, intending to withdraw – the last hope of this family.

Here there are peasants, neighbors sympathizing with the unfortunate family, and in the soul quietly rejoicing that this time, it seems, the trouble passed by their yard. Behind the chief official there is a clerk with a thick folder in his hands, he writes down the names of peasants and the amount of arrears. On the right, on the porch of the old log cabin, there is a little girl, another child in this family. The dilapidated roof of the cottage completes the picture of the tragic, hopeless state of these people.

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