Tired! by Alexey Korzukhin

Tired! by Alexey Korzukhin

The artist painted a scene that can be seen in any era, even today. At the wall of the merchant’s house on the bench sat a young, pleasant appearance, a girl. She leant on the table next to where the books lie – a female student or just like to read a lot. But then a wicket opens and a man in a white suit enters, greeting a girl with a bouquet of flowers and a shot off a white cap. It can be seen that the man here is a frequent visitor and he walks with serious intentions.

However, the girl was not at all happy about the guest, she was unhappy with the book she was reading, and now she is considering

how to get rid of the annoying guest. And he, of course, counts on reciprocity: he is a successful official, has a good income, and even age, in his opinion, is not a hindrance. But he has long bored the girl, he is not interested in her, too mercantile, and her heart does not lie to him. The artist shows that the man here is clearly not to the court – he leaves the gate open, and the sandy path separates them from each other.

Korzukhin perfectly conveys the feeling of a sunny summer day. Sunspots brightly illuminate the wall of the house, the white uniform of the official, walk around the girl’s dress, along the sandy path of the courtyard. Although the plot of the picture depicts the conflict, the picture does not create the impression of tragedy, despair.

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