Sunday Day by Alexey Korzukhin

Sunday Day by Alexey Korzukhin

The paintings of Alexei Korzukhin today deservedly stand among the recognized works of the best Russian genre artists. A fine example of his amazing talent is the canvas “Sunday Day”.

Warm summer day. Sunday. The gentle clear sun shines, warming the gathered gathered to rest on the forest glade family. This is an ordinary Russian family – parents, children and their nanny.

How beautiful nature is, what a wonderful mood it gives to people! The father and mother dance happily to the lively melody that the coachman plays on the accordion. Looking at her parents, the baby is laughing and smiling at the nurse’s hands. The rest of the family settled nearby on the grass, enjoying a carefree holiday. The eldest son fervently waved his hand, supporting the parent dance. Nearby – a girl in white clothes, having heard the music, thinking about something of her own. The samovar is just about to boil. A girl in a blue dress is preparing to set the table – soon the cheerful family will have dinner and drink tea.

The surrounding nature is also filled with the joy of life. The artist blossomed the forest glade with amazing colors, spelling out every detail of the composition. As if alive, the trees and bushes rustle in the green green foliage, the incredibly real grass of the clearing and beckons to lie down to rest on its soft emerald carpet, and the simple meadow flowers seem to soon fill up with a delicate scent all around, taking the viewer there, on a visit to a resting family.

Cheerful, lively, canvas, from which breathes family comfort and warmth, laughter and joy, the aromas of herbs and delicious lunch. The sincerity and spontaneity of the family depicted here captivates at first sight the picture, awakens desire as they do, find their merry glade, spin in a carefree dance and forget about everything even for a few minutes.

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