Return from the city by Alexey Korzukhin

Return from the city by Alexey Korzukhin

In the painting “Return from the City” AI Korzukhin describes a very touching moment. Before the viewer appears a small room of a poor peasant family. In the foreground is an old wooden table. Behind him is a man with a beard sitting on a low stool.

He wears a warm winter sheepskin coat and boots with fur. In one hand he holds a thread with bagels, and the other is going to dress the same “necklace” of his middle daughter. She stands in one shirt, barefoot on the wooden floor and looks into her father’s eyes with fascination. It seems that he says something to her, and he has very kind eyes. Next to her sister is the eldest daughter in a sarafan, and holds a blue ribbon in her hands. She has shiny loose blond hair, unlike her sister, who has fair-haired hair.

On the dusty floor, their little brother is half-sitting in a white T-shirt. Next to him lies a diaper. At the top of the boards and white cloth hanging self-made cradle for a young son. In the corner is a place closed by curtains, where parents and older children sleep. There are thick mattresses and pillows. Grandmother, putting the samovar on the floor, and bending over him, pours a small barrel of water into it. She has a simple white shirt, a skirt and an apron. The head is covered with a dark kerchief.

In the doorway you can see the outlines of someone’s figure. But because of the dusk that reigns in the corridor, it’s difficult to make out a man or a woman.

There are low ceilings in the room, there is disorder and dust everywhere. But most importantly, what the author wanted to show is that all members of the family live in harmony, even without great wealth.

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