Return of the father of the family from the fair by Alexey Korzukhin

Return of the father of the family from the fair by Alexey Korzukhin

Every picture of A. Korzukhin is like a short story about the life of a simple Russian people. The artist describes the children in moments of momentary joy and sadness, children, engaged in gay games and playful pranks, draws the spectator of the scene of meetings, partings and returns. Deep sympathy and sincere sympathy for the difficult destinies of the peasants are filled with all his works. Light, lyrical, kind.

The artist’s talent was repeatedly noted by critics of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Gold and silver medals, the title of the artist of the 1st degree and then the academician speak about the special artistic talent of A. Korzukhin.

Academician of the artist brought the well-known work “The Return of the Father of the Family from the Fair,” written in 1868. The joy, joy, mood of this holiday is imbued with this picture, which depicts a simple and unpretentious plot. Satisfied with successful purchases, in the middle of the canvas, the father of the family plays along with himself on the balalaika. Together with him, and fellow villagers are rejoicing – behind the white-bearded old man dances and the peasant wonders wildly. Soon the father of the family will return home and will make his wife and children happy with the desired purchases.

Possessing the gift of an exact and attentive observer, Korzukhin in this picture surprises with filigree details that create a common festive mood of the usual fair day. With a simple brush, the artist conveys on the canvas a sincere joy and a childlike genre of fun, playing on the faces and in the eyes of people. An unusually lyrical and at the same time a natural picture, looking at which every spectator involuntarily feels himself a participant in a festive act. Together with the joyful characters you walk along the dusty road, go into the dance under the fervent balalaika scrolls, breathe in clean air and lose your head from the beauty of the endless blue sky.

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