Dancing Girls by Paul Gauguin

Dancing Girls by Paul Gauguin

In 1888, after a serious illness, Paul Gauguin came to Brittany. The people in Brittany are original, preserving their traditions and having their own worldview. But, despite this the artist felt himself well and free, impressed by the spirit of travel.

In Brittany, Gauguin paints the painting “Dancing Girls”, which depicts three Breton girls dancing the national dance. The girls are dressed in national clothes, decorated with red flowers, which they apparently tore on the field during the game. The girls joined hands, and lead a kind of round dance with their backs to each other. A small dog runs next to him, tied up behind the teens.

Against the backdrop, you can see the walls of an ancient castle and the roofs of city houses with cypresses, towering like towers. And immediately it becomes clear that the children ran out to the outskirts of the town, to relax in the fresh air and have fun from vain domestic chores, frolic and dance on the green grass. Landscape against a background of hilly, showing the nature of this area. On the grayish-smoky sky there is no glimpse of sunlight, but still it’s a quiet, calm day, in which there is not even a whiff of breeze. The composition of the picture is dynamic and this dynamics is transferred due to the diagonals of the surrounding landscape and the plasticity of the girls’ figures.

Coloring paintings based on a combination of contrasting dark and light colors. Here, the artist’s love for the yellow shades already present in almost all the paintings of the artist’s mature and late works is already felt. This is noticeable in the yellow-green color of the grass and the yellowish faces of the girls, reminiscent of these famous Tahitians in the paintings of Paul Gauguin.

The routine of the everyday plot of the picture “Dancing Girls” speaks of the quiet emotional state of the artist, watching the life of adolescents, whose life is still filled with joy and carelessness.

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