Outline by John Constable

The Victoria and Albert Museum houses three albums with Constable sketches, dating from 1813, 1814 and 1835. They allow you to look at the “creative kitchen” of the artist and,

White Horse by John Constable

Throughout the creative life of the artist there was a process of comprehension of specific landscape motifs. He writes and draws the same places at different times of the day

Dedham Valley by John Constable

Blocked by a sluice, it winds among the sun-drenched fields and pastures, separated by copses. In the boundless distances, the silhouette of the church tower in the village of Dedham

The Bridges family by John Constable

Like his famous predecessor Gainsborough, Constable always preferred a portrait to a landscape. But just like Gainsborough, he quickly realized that portrait painting could become a much more reliable source

Old Sarum by John Constable

Constable very seriously experienced the death of his wife Mary. His paintings at this time became gloomy, morose – to match the inner state of the artist. But after a

Stonehenge by John Constable

At the end of the 1820s, the painter’s creativity comes with a serious turning point. After the death of his wife, which followed in 1828, melancholy and even tragic notes

Mezzo Tinto by John Constable

Constable several times made attempts to earn money by selling reproductions of his paintings. The fruit of the most famous attempt was the album “The English Landscape”, which included 22

Corn field by John Constable

The artist rejected traditional norms and patterns, trying to combine in his painting the immediacy of the perception of nature with its deep study. Striving for perfection in the transfer

Suzanne Lloyd by John Constable

The genre of the portrait was not popular with Constable, in his entire life he painted only a few portraits. The portrait of the daughter-in-law of the Birmingham banker, Charles