Dedham Valley by John Constable

Dedham Valley by John Constable

Blocked by a sluice, it winds among the sun-drenched fields and pastures, separated by copses. In the boundless distances, the silhouette of the church tower in the village of Dedham is melting in the haze, and behind it is a strip of sea glistening near the horizon. And above all this reigns a huge sky, covered with clouds full of motion.

In an incomprehensible way, the artist simultaneously creates a fascinating impression of the momentary nature of the sealed moment snatched from the stream of life, and the feeling of the majestic eternity of nature. He is able to reveal the natural architectonics of the captured landscape, often comparing it with the logic of the creations of human hands.

Consonant attitude Constable found among Dutch artists of the XVII century. and in the landscapes of Thomas Gainsborough, who wrote virtually the same species. Both artists are related that they do not appeal to anything, except their own perception. Constant embodied the spiritual aspirations that Gainsborough, due to the circumstances, realized with the means of the portrait, in the landscape. The desire to convincingly and easily convey the beauty of the surrounding nature forced the artist to return to the same species again and again.

Constable with great respect for the work of Claude Lorrain. In fact, this picture reproduces the landscape background of the composition of Claude Lorrain “Hagar and the Angel.” The picture amazes with freshness and immediacy, the color spectrum sparkles with shades of green and golden.

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