I and the Village by Mark Chagall

I and the Village by Mark Chagall

The well-known Russian-Jewish painter Marc Chagall was born in Belarus, but later, in 1909, moved to France. The fact biography of the artist grew up in a small village, played a role in many of his works, including the famous painting “I and the Village”, written in Paris in 1911.

In fact, introducing cubism, “I and the Village” is a dynamic composition of different parts of human figures, animals, fragments, superimposed on each other and arranged as if by accident. Due to this technique the picture is abstract. Colors bright picture, is a play on the contrast of red and white and green and blue. This picture shows

us a variety of views and different perspectives.

Inspired by a childhood spent in the countryside, Chagall paints a picture, “I and the Village”. In her fairy-tale style depicted goats, pasture, farmer, violinist and simple silhouettes of houses, some of them overturned. Overall, the picture is perceived as a kind of puzzle mosaic generated by children’s imagination.

The picture carries a huge intrigue and symbolism. In the foreground we see a man with a green face. In his neck wearing a cross, wearing a cap on his head and in his hand he holds a glowing tree, the man looks at the goat’s head. Big head goat bears the image of the other, the little goats that are milked. In the background, the picture is a row of houses, the Orthodox Church and the figure of a man, dressed in black clothes and carrying a scythe. He seemed in a hurry to the girl playing the violin. Her figure is turned upside down.

Geometric shapes and symbolism attract the viewer’s attention to a picture. Small and large circles represent the three natural phenomena: the rotation of the sun in its orbit, the Earth’s rotation around the sun and the rotation of the moon around the earth. Some interpret the small circle in the lower left corner of the painting as a universe.

“I and the Village” shows the viewer interaction of life and vibrant nature, always surrounding these phenomena. The canvas shows the close relationship between man, animals and plants.

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