The gate of the Jewish cemetery by Mark Chagall

The gate of the Jewish cemetery by Mark Chagall

Painting in the spirit of the Apocalypse. It is a kind of an image of a total catastrophe, reflecting modern events and full anticipation of future changes. But the world appears through the spiritual and aspiring from the earth to the sky and simultaneously collapsing and not having in itself a hope for overcoming chaos.

The monumental old gates in the deaf shadow of the cemetery tree are depicted. They are ajar, and the viewer’s view rushes down the lunar path to the sacred graves. The burials are strictly centered, which indicates their importance to the artist.

Concrete forms are stone pillars,

a pediment with an inscription promising a coming resurrection, a wooden fence and a gate, a tree trunk and branches with leaves, and gravestones, all open to the new inhabitants, all filled with light and passing into abstract light and color planes. Active contrasts of light-shadow effects, dynamic rhythms of moonlight and the night sky give the picture a feature of sacred painting.

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