Terrace by Pierre Bonnard

Bonnard can safely be ranked among the best landscape painters of the XX century. From early youth, he subtly felt nature, believing it to be “the best cure for city

Open Window by Pierre Bonnard

A Frenchman by birth, a neo-impressionist painter, the symbolist Pierre Bonnard was one of the few foreign painters elected to the London Academy of Arts. Pierre Bonnard received a classical

Two poodles by Pierre Bonnard

In many of Bonnar’s paintings there are cats and dogs, which the artist loved very much. Most often, pets are secondary characters. So, a curious cat in “Checkered Blouse” helps

Idle Woman by Pierre Bonnard

About four hundred times, according to the most conservative estimates, Marta de Meligny posed for Bonnard, while in the list of paintings there is not a single work where the

Lodge by Pierre Bonnard

Unlike his friend Vuillard, who made a name for himself as a portrait painter, Bonnard did not often paint portraits. As a rule, he portrayed his relatives or friends on

Self-portrait by Pierre Bonnard

As already noted, Bonnard was not a master of psychological portrait. But he was a master of psychological self-portrait. A series of his self-portraits has no equal in XX century