Adonis goes on a hunt by Bartholomeus Spranger

Adonis goes on a hunt by Bartholomeus Spranger

The painting by the Flemish painter Bartholomeus Spranger “Adonis goes hunting”, another name for this painting is “Venus and Adonis”. The size of the painting is 135 x 109 cm, canvas, oil. Adonis, god of fertility in ancient Phoenician mythology. It corresponds to the Babylonian Tammuz.

From the 5th century BC the cult of Adonis spread in Greece, later in Rome. Venus, in mythology, one of the highest twelve deities of the Greco-Roman Olympus, the goddess of love and beauty, the mother of Cupid, the queen of nymphs and graces. According to the original mythological ideas, Venus is

the personification of beauty, the highest enchanting female power.

Later, other features begin to blend in with these images: Venus becomes the goddess of love, the patroness of marriages and in her personifies the female productive force. Mythological stories about Venus’ passionate love for the young Adonis, about marriage with the ugly Vulcan and about love affairs with Mars are for the first time in Homer’s Odyssey; they are of late origin.

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