Mercury and Venus by Bartholomeus Spranger

Mercury and Venus by Bartholomeus Spranger

A painting by the Flemish painter Bartholomeus Spranger “Mercury and Venus”. The size of the picture is 110 x 72 cm, copper, oil. The painting is based on Italian mythological stories. Mercury, the Italian god and patron of commerce, arrived and enriched, also the patron of travelers, the son of Maya.

In the early tradition, Mercury was the simple god of the grain business, but over time, from the patron of the grain business, Mercury became the god of commerce in general, the god of retail sales, of all shopkeepers and peddlers. Mercury was considered the god of wealth, which goes hand in hand

with cunning and deceit, even stealing and false oath, if only all this was distinguished by a certain kind of grace.

The symbol of peaceful intercourse was a caduceus. Later, Mercury was identified with the Greek god Hermes and appeared already in winged sandals, a road hat, with a baton in his hand. From ancient legends it is known that the goddess Venus of Mercury was born the son of Hermaphrodite.

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